Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am almost done with training.

It is hard to believe but I am almost done with my Army initial entry training. It has been a long haul since September 8th 2008. I have changed in some ways but my essence has not changed. I am still the political and theological junkie that I have always been. I have to be cautious of some of my postings as my new boss and Is also my president, thus my political comments have to be written with that in mind, thus I will make posts that reflect my political philosophy while trying not to mention the current leaders in office. If I can do that effectively there might be openings for me in the state departments diplomatic corps, but we will see. But I digress.

Right now my focus is finishing my training, I only have a few more days left, and returning to my family and some semblance of normal life. I have a greater appreciation for our military men and women who have gone through the same or similar training that I have. Interestingly enough as an older soldier I found the mental games more challenging than the physical games. Yet being an older man I was probably better equipped than the younger people to handle them. Now my military career begins in earnest as well as my future civilian careers as I am a member of the Florida National Guard. Yes I am a weekend warrior with the same training as any other soldier. I will keep readers posted of my experiences with the guard, without giving away any secrets of course. I will try to post when I home and done with this the final stage of my training.

God Bless all.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thougths on Army Basic and AIT

I am done with the army Initial Entry Training . I thought I would put down some of my thoughts. I found basic to be in many ways not as difficult as I expected. The most difficult part was perhaps reception processing, where we are in-processed into the army. This is where we get out shoots,our uniforms and all ofthe other administrative necessities the Armny demands before basic can begin. Normally basic is about a week, but for some reason mine took two. Reception is truly quite boring. We get up in the morning and normally we do some portion of the initial in-processing such as the issue of uniforms and boots and immunization. In many cases recruits that got through this process will do more than one of these things in one day, my group had the dubious benefit of doing of of these steps in daily thus prolonging our reception to two weeks rather than the normal one week. At least the food was good.

Once reception was done, we marched over to our basic training company. Our training began almost immediately. The first thing we did when we walked into our room and found our beds was to get our first "smoking" or P.T. basic training style. We began by holding our duffel bags, full of reception issue items, over our heads for what seemed like an eternity. I was sore for a week after that weekend. For the next nine weeks we went through the basic training process. From an older man, who is out of shape coming into basic was hard but rewarding. There is a sense of pride that comes from graduating basic along with kids young enought to be my children.

The AIT process is similar in some ways but vastly different in others. AIT is where we are trained in what will be our jobs in the big army. Going through AIT entails standing in endless formations but also going to classes that are very interesting and informative. The challenge is often staying awake as one has to go on what is often less than recuperative sleep. But again now at the end of the process I feel a little like I did in basic, I made it through the entire IET process along with people half my age. Now I look forward to spending time with my wifes and kids. I also look forward to going back to national guard unit and being productive with them. I also look forward to putting what I have learned to use in the civilian word, one of the perks of being a weekend warrior. I hope this nine month ride has been worth it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tomorrow I ship to Army Basic

Tomorrow marks a bittersweet day in my life. Though as time goes on it may seem more bitter than sweet. I am reporting to the MEPS hotel for shipping to Army Basic on Wednesday. I really look forward to going I have always found the military interesting, but I have come to realize why they say the the military is a young mans game. I am 37 with a wife and kids. This makes this shipping a very difficult as I love my family dearly and while basic is only 9 weeks the AIT (Advanced Individual Training) is one of the longer trainings the army has to offer, meaning I will not be home for good until sometime next year. I ask that those that pray offer up prayers, more for my family than for me, they need it more.

Monday, August 31, 2009

It this had been a prayer to stop abortion

That church's tax excempt status would have been removed yesterday

What is it with leftist and the funerals of their own. Remember the Paul Wellstone memorial

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Funny, Kudos to the Jester


Remember when B.O. Called for a domestic security force

This domestic force would be as well equipped and funded as our military right;

Our elections could like like the Cuban and the Old Iraq elections;

Think about it.....

When all else fails, play with the stats

Yesterday B.O. came out touting a one tenth of a percent drop in the unenployment numbers but as was the case with the last Democrat President who did similar things with the budget deficit numbers, they cooked the books

Cudos to that right wing news source for bringing this out, no one else will

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is rich, Condoms proven increase depresion in women.

But let's not let the evindence deter a promicuous lifestile with condoms

""Regardless of the findings, this study does not advocate that people abstain from using condoms," said Professor Gallup. "Protecting oneself from an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease is far more important."

Here is the study

Again proving that messing with Gods designs is not a good thing.

Note the study goes back to 2002, I wonder why this does not make the headlines

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sign the Media does not like you

They are looking for your replacement

Listen as the media ignores a real Duke Rape Case

Remember the Duke Lacrosse rape case. Remember how the athletes were tried by the court of the Media simply because they were "privileged whites" and the victim was a under privileged black woman. Now listen to the deafening silence as they ignore what might be a real Duke rape case

What do the Turks know about anything

The clear connection between breast and other cancers is greeted with a loud silence evertyime a new study shows it.

Here is another such study for the media to ignore

I say we take him at his word and let's not ruch this through

Notice the ruch to get the health care take over now, before anyone has a chance to read the bill and before congress has to go back home and face angry voters that may talk them out of voting for this facist take over of our health.

well lets listen to B.O.'s own words and apply his lessons from 2004 to today